Heavy-duty rubber stencils for sandblast and paint. Fast turnaround.

Heavy-duty rubber stencils for sandblast and paint.

Text & Number Stencils

Our economical text and number stencils allow you to create a custom stencil --- just type in your message, select the letter size and stencil material.

Most of the standard keyboard characters are available from our standard stencil fonts and can be scaled and cut in virtually any size. Click here to price your stencil...
Stock Stencil Designs

Stock stencils are the way to go for a wide variety of standard designs and messages. Arrows, universal symbols, traffic control and many others pre-cut and ready to ship!

Stock designs are available in a range of sizes and we have many designs to select from and are adding more all of the time. Click here to see our stock stencils...

Stencils are cut in 1/16"
Neoprene - other materials available

First of all, our stencils are heavy-duty and reusable. Most of the stencil cutting services you can find provide paper-thin vinyl or Mylar stencils --- actually thinner than paper! These may be OK for a single use spray paint, (if you can get them in place without ripping them), but they are really intended for hobby use.

As one of the largest rubber fabrication shops in the Northeast, we have provided precision cut 'elastomeric' product to major industries and small shops for decades. Stencil cutting was a natural outgrowth of our fabrication services.
Our shop offers a wide selection of material types and thicknesses as well as the ability to fabricate any size stencil you need. We've made 18' x 20' neoprene stencils for huge cement truck drums as well as production cutting of small, 8" square numbering stencils to identify steel shipping containers.


These are not delicate 'single-use' thin vinyl stencils: Our industrial-strength, computer controlled high-speed system accurately cuts designs, type and numbers in rubber sheeting. Our most popular material is neoprene with a thickness of 1/16" --- thick enough for durability, thin enough for accurate use and without creating 'stencil shadows' when spraying. We typically use durometer of 60 (5) neoprene, the best combination of durability and flexibility.

We normally include a 2" apron top and bottom of lettering to add additional height to the character size selected. For example, selecting a 2" letter height makes a neoprene stencil 6" in height . This apron facilitates attachment of stencil and often requires no further masking. Smaller or larger aprons are available, please contact RubberCuts.com.

One of the great advantages of stencils cut from thick neoprene is the ability to conform to surfaces. Neoprene (1/16" thick, for example) provides ample resilience for painting and sandblasting processes due to its 'rubbery' nature.

Natural resilience and long life
Chemical, paint and solvent resistant
Easily conforms to concave or convex surfaces
Easy to use, easy to store

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